Not able to extract entire web page without scrolling to bottom of the page

Hello everyone.

I am able to extract the web page but first i have to scroll to the end of the page, only then all the data loads then im able to extract, but scrolling down to bottom takes lot of time while running,
So, if there any alternative method to extract all the data without scrolling to bottom of the page

i have entered maximum number as 0 and im able to extract the data but this is time consuming

if data is not present (we do not talk about the visibility / display status) then we cannot grab

we do not know your details but would recommend to check out if data can be grabbed by an api as an alternate

yes, data is not visible/loaded on the page until we load it through scrolling to end. data is more than 500 each scroll only loads 10 units,

What is the approach using api?
Can you explain

we would recommend to come across with more details (e.g. url / webpage details). Then the next check is about the existence of an alternate data provision (is there e.g. an offered api)

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As @ppr noted, this thread seems to be similar to the one you opened here :

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