Scrolling not working problem:

I am having two scroll down bar but both scrolling also not working in my web page . My values having bottom only , i need to type the value in bottom I am getting your ui elements are not finding error

anyone help me to resolve this.


Please use mouse scroll activity and then indicate the full window


I am using classic activities only is there any activities available for mouse scrolling


Classic does not have that…

you need to perform click on the down arrow of scroll and then use check app state to check in loop to click and check continuously till found


If I am indicating the down arrow of the scroll down bar means the navigation was selecting the whole browser and respective table only not selecting down scroll arrow

If u r using classic activities I would recommend to try with SEND HOT KEYS activity and use keys combination like this


Or any keyboard shortcut that works there
It will be easy as well

Once after reaching to the end of the page then u can type in value


Directly use type into activity and indicate the files where u want to type but enable simulate type property
That might work in some application

Hope this helps

Cheers @BHUVAN

Thankyou @Palaniyappan :blush:

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