Simulate mouse scroll / scroll without using scroll bar

In web application, you can scroll down & up by using mouse scroll (ie without clicking vertical on scroll bar), Is it possible to simulate this in UiPath ? Let me repeat I don’t want to click on vertical scroll bar.



try to use “Send Hotkey” activity + PgDn



Thanks, this will not work for me, because I want to scroll the drop down, have a look at the screentest1

Dropdown allows to use “Send Hotkey” activity + End.
Does it work?

No. in this case it doesnt work

May I ask what is the purpose of scrolling?

Can’t you pass the dynamic date and click on the date?

This is for drop down, the scenario is move to the top of the list ie select the first item.

Are referring to the same exact dropdown( or div) you posted above, in that case wouldn’t the first item be 1 all the time?

It looks like div to me? did you try select item?

Another way you could do is “Find Children” with find_desendents scope and click on first element. (easy way would be children(0) into element parameter)

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Yes, it is div & first item is always 1. I haven’t tried select, I am using key strokes.

I am not sure whether select will work in this case. Can you pls share some sample code for both the options that u have specified.

Hi @skini76,
Here is an example for the select activity : Select.xaml (18.2 KB)

As for the find children activity, follow this :slight_smile:

I tried to use select, but got an error message “This control doesn’t support Select item”

Maybe try to record part of your process
The select activity will appear if possible to use.
Otherwise find children

you have to click on the div first and the send pgdwn keys. it will work

it will be great if there is scroll activity.

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thx, but Div selector is dynamic…hence cannot click on Div…click image is not that reliable

I’ve created a Scroll Activity and published it.

It takes two arguments

  • up (True of False): tells the activity to scroll up or down
  • amount (number): tells UiPath how much to scroll. 1 = ± 120 pixels, 2 = ± 240 pixels …

You should make sure your mouse is hovering the correct element.

Have fun :slight_smile:


this is super helpful … thank you

How to install & use the package ?

In UiPath Studio: Click “Manage Packages” and search for “Scroll Activity” in “All packages”


I am still unable to install and use this scroll activity which is published. Can you please help me with it ?