Screenshot of IE in fullscreen mode

Hi all,

in our process we have to take a screenshot of a dashboard in internet explorer and save it.
To show the whole dashboard, bevore taking the screenshot, we press F11 for fullscreen.
Afterwards we press F11 again to stop the Fullscreen.

The process works perfectly on the virtual machine if we start it from studio.
After publishing it to orchestrator and running it from there on the virtual machine, the full screen doesnt seem to work. It will cut the dashboard off.

Is this problem orchestrator related?
Anyone wirth similar problems?
Thanks in advance!!!


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is that virtual machine is set to full screen like have we used MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity along the process to set to maximize the window and then pressing the key F11
if not kindly use that in the initial stage of the sequence once after opening the VDI and try once
Cheers @Vinprogrammers

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