How to get path/file_name from screenshot

How to get path/file_name from screenshot?
i used “screenshot\image.png” in Input FileName .
but i want to use send image.png by e-mail body.
i try test code "เรียนทุกท่านค่ะ
รบกวนปิด PCR ที่ค้างในระบบด้วยค่ะ
<img src= " + “C:\Users\nuthatha\Documents\UiPath\Remind_PCR_after_activity_completed\screenshot\image.png” + “>” it work can show image by mail body.
but how to get path/file_name from screenshot, please help me.

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we wont able to get the file path of the image in screenshot
may be we could be able to get it from the path that we have used to save that screenshot
using TAKE SCREENSHOT activity and SAVE IMAGE activity

Cheers @nuthatha

Thank u. i used SAVE IMAGE and Input File Name = “screenshot\image.png”
but when i run on orchestator i don’t know path/file.

May i know why so and what error we are getting by that
because we are going to use the same file path when we run from orchestrator
and make sure that screenshot folder is there in the project folder itself

Cheers @nuthatha

when i run on my computer i can use “C:\Users\nuthatha\Documents\UiPath\Remind_PCR_after_activity_completed\screenshot\image.png”
but when run on orchestator i don’t know “C:\Users\nuthatha\Documents\UiPath\Remind_PCR_after_activity_completed" .
Result : body e-mail can’t show image.


If you are running in Orchastrator it will end up in the nupkg folder unless you have specifiied a different path. So if you want it on “C:\Users\nuthatha\Documents\UiPath\Remind_PCR_after_activity_completed\screenshot" then you need to specify that folder if Orchastrator is running the process where it can access your C drive.

Buddy orchestrator doent have any impact on this
because the way we run in studio is what going to be reflected again in orchestrator, the only difference is we are going to be in unattended mode…
if we are able to mention the file path being in studio then we would be able to mention and run the same process from orchestrator
are we facing any issue in that

Cheers @nuthatha