Capture and Retrieve Screenshots using Orchestrator


In our Automation project, -

  1. We capture screenshots at different steps, and store it in same Project folder using Take Screenshot activity. This works well when running Process using Studio where process creates screenshot on local system, but when we run same program on Orchestrator, we don’t find a way to retrieve the screenshot.

  2. We our automation project, we have an excel file, from which we read, and then update status of success or fail back to each row of the excel file. This again works fine, while running on Local Machine, where file gets stored and written on Local Machine, but how to see the updated file after program run when running via Orchestrator?


Hi @Shubham_Gupta1,
For the two issues, you should find the screenshot in the mentioned folder. Otherwise, there could be a problem with the user setup on the windows machine. You need some authorization access to capture and store the screenshots while running it from the orchestrator.