Screenshot can't save in hiding background screen

I executed an robot with the hiding background screen.
I want to take a screenshot of the graph displayed in the IE browser,
but when I execute Save Image Activity after Take Screenshot Activity
The error is occurred “object reference not set to an instance of an object” and saving failed.

I wish I could save the image by pressing the pop-up menu on the image in Internet Explorer.
It can not be called the pop-up menu during background execution.

I might thought to alternatively use “Inject JS Script” to store as an image but
Do you know more good idea?

Hi @jyugit,
Have you set output Image type variable for Take Screenshot activity? This need to be used and then in Save Image activity you need to refer to this to be able to save screenshot. Like in this example:

Hi @Pablito

Thanks for your response
Yes, I have. I used the Image Type variable.

This type of error means mostly that there is variable which has empty value or the value can’t be get for some reason. Maybe try to do debugging to check how your workflow is behaving and if there is any problem you can easly indicate.


True, Take screenshot activity is not working on background process. It has to connect with the user interaction session. Try keyboard option such as prtscr -> clipboard and clipboard to file.



Thanks for your response.
I’ll try it!


Sorry for my late response and thanks for your response.
I’ll check its code.

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It has to connect with the user interaction session.

Is the following right?
To take Screenshot on a remote machine used by Attended Robot, It has to keep displaying on Remote Desktop connection all the time.

I think so. Otherwise robot don’t “see” like normal user.

@Pablito @balramrv, I appreciate your kindness.

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