Screenshot activity issues


I am having issues with the screenshot activity, mainly when in the exception handler of the REFramework

Upon exception if I reference the standard take screenshot workflow, I get intermittent “object reference not set to an instance of an object” errors. I updated the sequence to check file path before and after the save activity via write line, confirming that the variable had been set

On occasion it appears to work (no error) but the screenshot will not actually be saved

If I take the sequence and drop it into the workflow elsewhere, it does work

I have searched this forum, and raised a support ticket, but no resolution as yet

Any support would be greatly appreciated

Hi @rwoodburn

In my experience is maybe help for you.
Take screenshot does not work if robot be run in the background.

If the same is working somewhere else, then i guess you might have got duplicate variables in different scopes.

Thanks both

Yes it runs elsewhere, so it does work in background in this instance

I’ll look into variables in scopes, but if I copy and paste the sequence out of the TakeScreenshot default workflow file it works, so I’d be surprised / frustrated if the standard had this error…


Hey do you ahev any resolution. I am also getting intermittent “object reference not set to an instance of an object” errors with take screenshot? Do anyone know why it occurs?