Screenshot attched but not showing in outlook Error:

I’m adding screenshot in outlook mail body.Mail sent successfully but image is not displaying.
I guess outlook is not finding src of img tag.But i have given this tag and image path both.
Help me.
“<img src=‘cid:’”+oAttachment.ContentId+" 'height=‘150’ width=‘150’>

@ApurvaArya i think you are opening in outlook app can you try outlook web in chrome ans check once.

Hi @ApurvaArya

In the SendOutlook Mail , Pass the attachment path as shown below.


Below how the Workflow looks Like

Below is the post to refer the Same.


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Didn’t work.I’ve used same code as u shared.Problem is image is not displaying i mail body when i get this mail.

This link may help you,

didn’t solve

can you use same code with outlook send mail message?


ImageinMail.xaml (11.0 KB)


everything is fine but when you see this email to other account where image is not stored on their path .It is not displaying image in outlook.I’ve used as u suggest me but image is not displaying on others mailid.

HI @ApurvaArya

If you are able to see the Image in your sent Items.

Please check below in the recipient’s Mail Box.

If any such pop up Exists- Please click Download Images.



I’m facing the same issue.

Have you got the solution for this?

@mukeshkala Kindly help to solve this issue

@mukeshkala I’m able to see the images properly in sent item.

But If I sent the same mail to another person. They are not able to see the images.