Data Scraping, screen scraping wizard not available that version 2024.2.1

I had enable classic design but i have don’t show the screen scraping and data scraping also

Hi @Achal_Pardeshi

Classic design is Deprecated in the new update of UiPath Studio. The option to switch from Classic to Modern is grayed off. If you create a new project now, then it will be in Modern design experience by default.

You can use the Classic activities in modern design experience project, but you cannot create a new classic project.

Navigate to Activities panel → click on Filter → check the Classic → Then the Classic Activities will appear in Activities Panel.

When you are creating a new project by default the modern design experience project is created. If you want to data scrapping of datatable you can use the Extract Table data activity which will also works same as Table extraction option in classic.

If you very much needed to continue your automation in Classic design experience follow the below steps in the below thread to convert the project to classic design experience. This is not an recommended one.


i can only read project.json file

i can’t put that syntax because of we can only read json file

Hi @Achal_Pardeshi

I didn’t understand your query, aren’t you able to edit the json file or you’re not allowed to edit the JSON File. Please specify.


thank you so much it work

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You’re welcome @Achal_Pardeshi

Happy Automation!!

this solution Do not useful in RE framework

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