Screen scraping is not working in my windows application



Using the screen scraping method i try to extract table from my windows application ,while extract i got following error . i have changed the Selector its not working .


can you upload again the screenshot?


did you try manually with the Screen Scraper on the same app ?
looks like you have a selector error though


i have upload it


what are you scraping?


I try to scrap the following table (Exe), i have changed the selector but its not recognize the Page


i have attached my Ui path explorer screen shot


Main page selector


is the selector different now if you use uiexplorer? did it change compared to the one you are having in the workflow?
for me it seems it didn`t, so it should work


But i got error "Cannot find the ui corresponding ". So only i confused .
In windows application screen scraping is possible ?.
2. i can able to get full text but i am not able to scrap ,so is there any specific reason ?