Screen scraping selector error

Hello Guyz

I am facing an issue that is i have used the screen scraping activity for below to get the value
" SA_02.03_82", and successfully to get from screen scrimping, in meanwhile i want to add this value will be dynamic for everyday, but i can get it from screen scraping ,

but issue is when here is no value found due some reason then it shows me error due to selector please see below


here is the selectors

i found the issue where is it
tableCol=‘0’ tableRow=‘0’, due screen scraping select the col and row they did not found anything but why it shows me error while instead of no result,
when i omit this selector it shows done on non value as well as founded value ,

I think here i need your support to make it dynmic

Thanks in advance

@Khawaja_Junaid : Try to customize your selector using ui explorer and replace it in the activity which you have used.


Please check the UiPath SAP Automation Training.

This also give a brief introduction to SAP Automation.

“There are elements in the SAP GUI that, just like in Citrix environments, are considered one block. That means it’s impossible to use a simple recording or automation tool with them.”