Screen Scraping result and output not consistent

I’m using screen scraping to get the full text from a window, below is the result of screen scraping:

However, when I run the workflow, the output that shown in the message box is different with the text captured in the screenshot above.
Below is the result shown in the message box:

This is the selector:

What should I do in order to get the correct output?


Your selector might not be very stable because it includes idx-‘7’.
For now, can you try to run debug mode with HighlightElements option on ribbon menu?
Then we can check where robot try to get data from.


Hi @Xian

As @Yoichi highlighted using ‘idx’ is not stable.

Can you please open the selector in ‘UiExplorer’ and look for a better unique and stable selector?

It will resolve this issue mostly. Thank you.

Yes, I’m looking at it. Thanks!

It highlighted the correct part but still can’t get the text.

Can you set the ‘WaitForReady’ property to COMPLETE and try?


Thank you.