Screen Scraping / Android Emulator

I apologize in advance if my questions are too basic for most - this is my first attempt at using RPA for my unusual, but fun reason.

I play a particular game within Android. This game, at a certain point, generates random values that I want to OCR and copy into Excel, evaluate, and then “accept” or “reject” the result in the game based on a formula in excel.

I’m using studio to make a process. First, I have it click on the button within Nox android emulator on the PC to generate the values in the game.

Next, I have it OCR the part of the screen that displays the values. (First problem - the first OCR generates weird values - when I “refresh” all is well.) Then I click “copy to clipboard” and “finish”.

When I run the process - the first part works (click on button), but the OCR image does not update in Studio, and therefore, I get no OCR values to the clipboard.

What am I doing wrong?

Use get ocr text activity , using it you will google ocr activity inside it, you will see indicate on screen written then click on it give the screenshot of the text that you want to extract then run the workflow.
If it still gives the error then click on google ocr and in properties of it change the scale from 2 to 1 then try to run the workflow.