Data Extraction from Screen Scrap Image

I’m trying to do a screen scrap off of an Image. It is working with Google OCR with Scale 3. Now what I’m trying to do is pull information out of the image and make it a variable.
Example: My Image has a Plan ID: 999999999 and I want to make the 999999999 variable and use in my process.

While using the Scrapping method and it is finished and the option is to Copy. Where does that Copy go?

Any suggestions? I’ve searched the tutorials, forums and can’t find anything on what to do.

Copy just copies the output to clipboard, i guess you should click Continue to save it as an activity.

Incase you don’t know, Google OCR has Allowed Characters option where you can pass Numbers you wish to see as on output in this case 9.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at this.

So are you saying I need to scan each item individually? On this image I have 18 items I need to pull into my process. So I need the robot to read Plan ID then first name, middle initial, etc and have to robot put it in another program.

Does this help?