Screen Scaping Results encountered an error

I have encountered a problem while comparing screenshots with the workflow that was created.

Previously, the old set of screenshots were able to work.
However, while comparing the new screenshots, the name are the same but the screenshot is a little different, I am unable to Get full text "label image’.

Is there any way to fix this error as the screenshot percentage will keep changing?

The error message is shown below:
1004 Image Comparer has thrown an exception

Source: Get full text ‘label Image’

Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Exception Type: SelectorNotFoundException

Hi @jhatcs,

Use uiexplorer to get correct selector.

May be the selector will change dynamically at that time you need to use * in the selector
For example name=’*'


Hi arivu96,

do u mean changing the name to this?

Hi @jhatcs,

Yea use this as the selector instead of that.