I am trying to read product names from excel sheet and then trying to scrape data like product price,url,name and write back to a sheet.But my output sheet is empty i.e. after scrapping it is not writing the data to the output file.Could you let me know what the issue could be?Flipcart_Analysis (1).zip (623.0 KB)

Do one thing just remove the product names from Excel sheet and provide just one product name in that sheet and then try it once. And check whether it is writing data in your output file.

Hi @Animesh_Sarma

Its resolved buddy

Here is your xaml (35.5 KB)

Hope This would help you, if so kindly close the thread with right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic


Could you tell me what was wrong in my automation as I was not getting any error?

Buddy @Animesh_Sarma

These were the reasons behind the scene buddy

1.Before getting to why didn’t enter the data to excel, Buddy the extract Structured Data activity didn’t pick any data from the page for your product from excel, as the selector didn’t have the product as title in its attribute across the node like this. So no data entered as no data were picked

Buddy here are my other kind suggestions

  1. Read range activities-This is not the actual reason behind not writing to excel. Then the reason why added is whenever a read range activities from a excel package is used kindly use it within excel application scope activity. Though it didn’t show any error, this is the best practice buddy

  2. When using data scrapping for multiple products kindly make sure that the selectors in extracted structured data activity has wildcard * in its title attribute in order to take any value from the page or even better you can save the product list values to a variable and pass that variable to the title attribute of selector like this
    title = ’ " + Product_Name + " ’

Where Product_Name is the variable of string type stored with Product value you have or want to fetch from flipkart

Else you were doing great with other activities across the workflow

Hope this would help buddy


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Thank you.

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Cheers buddy keep going

Hi…I am trying to do the same steps.The output i am getting is the same in all the sheets.Could you let me know what he issue is.I have not used attached browser activity as you have given.Please let me know what is the problem with my automation as it is now reading the input file but the output is showing the same in all sheets.flip.xaml (15.9 KB)
Input_for_Flipkart.xlsx (14.0 KB)

Also I am not able to edit the the Title attribute in the selector.

Buddy the thing is, its getting appended,
the no of rows in each sheet differs buddy, alright no problem

Let me check once buddy…


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