Data scrapping via recording

How can I achieve the data scrapping via recording activity(WEB).Because While i working I face the issue that i did the recording and after i use the data scrapping but the output data is Empty.


We can use data scraping manually…

We need to select the Extract data table activity from the activity panel


we can select the Data scraping on the ribbon


This will give you the pattern/Structured Data…

When we’re dealing with recorders will get passage data


Thank you, But the issue is I am working multiple forms.So i need to create a flow in which each time data scrapping will occur on every form.


just make the data scraping Dynamic, Customize the selector based on the Every form.


Can you explain it?

Hello @agathiyanv

It would be better if you can share some screenshot of the table that you are trying to extract.
Dynamic table- Does that means the entire layout will get change for the table?


Please send me the URL where you want to do Data Extracting


can we use this in screen recording?
Because I need to create a flow which contains
Step 1: open the browser
Step2: Go the URL and enter login credentials
Step 3:Go to that form
Step 4: Do Data scrapping
From the above steps I did 1 to 3 with the help of “Recording” but i can’t do the data scrapping. Because We have number of forms which is same type but different data in it.So If i Create a Workflow which go to that url and select recently uploaded form and do screen scrapping.

Till step 3 you can use recording and then use table extraction for the 4th step.

The output is empty.
I add the activity after save the recording and after executing the code, the datatable is Empty

Plz share the screenshot of the workflow which you have created.


Here you can see at the last that click activity is to open the form in the web page but after that i need to screen scrapping for that form.

Then after the clicka ctivity use a Datascrapping or table extraction.

I tried that also ,But it’s not shows any data.I converted the datatable into json but the json file is empty

Is it showing any error? Can you convert datatable to string using output datatable actvity and print it in message box.

Else in debug mode, you can check the variable value.

It is not showing any error. It executes fine but while come to data scrapping activity I think that’s were the actual problem. It didn’t scrape the data of that recording browser window.

After clicking it will be opening a new form and the datascrapping should be inside an application scope of that window. Also after clicking is it opening as a separate tab? If yes you need to switch the tab and then do the scrapping.