Scrape screen/data from a document viewer?

Hi, as per the title, this is because the document viewer shows the file as a singular element. Example:

I only want to take these two values yet I can’t because it showing as a singular element (I’ve also tried using Select Region, it doesn’t work either). I have tried Screen Scraping, Get Text and Data Scraping. Is there something I’m missing?


I guess Computer Vision activities will work here. Can you please try with it.

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It doesn’t work as there is no anchor that can be used, thank you for the suggestion regardless!

@beepboop Did you try with Get OCR Text activity. With this just scrape the around the number you want and see if it was able to extract

Hi @beepboop ,

Is the Selection Checked with the Other Types of UI Frameworks as well ?


Hi @supermanPunch , can you explain further what do you mean?

Hi @ushu ! Thank you, yours work, but unfortunately because the placement on the page is inconsistent turns out I can’t use this method either. I will mark yours as solution regardless as it does work. Thanks again :smiley:

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