Screen scraping not working properly


i am not able to scrap perfect text through screen scraping.

In above screenshot there is column username. i want to scrap value of user name but length may varry for every username so unable to find how much area should i scrap. even if length is variable then dimension between “username” and “Firstname” also varries. Help me.


What about the native screen scraping method that gets the visible text out of an element (not a region)?

If that is a local web page try full text scraping.



Even I have a similar Issue. I can’t point to an element in particular on the screen when I try to indicate it on the screen using get text. Even the same issue persists while I am trying to do the data scraping. I get this error when I try to extract data.

“Error hresult e_fail has been returned from a call to a COM component”.

Krishna Chaitanya.