Scraping the data from image


I have taken screenshot from the google from that I want the data from to compare that values with my given threshold value so that I can use that in excel,
the problem is that I am not able to scrape the data from image, I tried using image recording, relative scraping and screen scraping but the problem is that the data in that screenshot is not fixed it can change,
below is the screenshot

In the above image the highlighted place of subtotal and the no which is corresponding to subtotal is not fixed so how I can scarp these values
and get it as an output
Subtotal 139
Subtotal 27


Are you sure thats a Image? and not a table.

have you tried DataScrabing instead and make it to a build data table and then write the output? :slight_smile:


Acutally with data scraping I am only getting the numeric values but as the values are not fixed so I want to scarp the success and error along with numeric values which is not happening could you suggest some other way

@Rakhi11- try using computer vision activity.

thanks for your response but I tired using CV get text it is not working as data is not been fetched and not visible in output window so could you please suggest any other solution
it will be great help

What? read the topic Again… its familiar with the topic? -.-

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