Scheduling the task in a Virtual Machine


I’m try to schedule a task in a Vitual Machine, but it doesn’t start when i’m lock in VM.

The comand that i use is :
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe” /file:“C:\Users\cpg052017\Desktop\Ping Monitor\Main.xaml” /monitored /cc /preferConsole

Any idea ?


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The Virtual Machine must have the Uipath installed to be possible to schedule the task without problem.


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I have UiPath well installed in VM and I can edit and run the project without any problems.

The problem is run the task as I do in my pc to make unlock the screen with /monitored.

Other problem is run the scheduled task of the VM without loggin in, this is very important because the project is deployed in a VM and i’m not logging every time.

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Hello ruisrodr - did you ever fix this problem ?

We have the same problem

  1. robot is on a VM
  2. works fine when I am logged in (observing the robot)
  3. doesn’t work when I am not logged in

Driving me mad !!!
There must be a solution !

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Start robot in a VM with windows scheduler was a big problem. Some times didn’t start due to windows permissions, other times because missed /executor in scheduler and the credencial in credencial manager that allow robot make log in on windows.

In last case open a ticket on UiPath because can be a bug on UiPath version.

Best regards,

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