Scheduling 3 processes based on the trigger from one main process

Hi All,

I need a help to schedule a process in Orchestrator to use the Robot wisely. Please find below my use case,

I have 3 processes to be deployed and each process will have to executed based on the relevant email sent.

I am already aware of the windows schedulers to schedule a job to monitor the email but then i need a suggestion to deploy a process which exclusively monitor the emails and based on the email outcome, one of the 3 process have to be triggered.

Is it possible or even if there is any other suggestion, kindly help me out.

Many thanks in advance!

Ramya A


If you have access to integration services then we can connect the mail and add triggers directly…

Apart from that depending on mail if you want to trigger a bot from windows acheduler only then after bot identifies the mails then depending on the subject criteria or so we can use conditions to start different jobs using start job activity


@Anil_G Thanks for your reply, yes we have integration services. I will try that method, but besides i just want to check whether will we be able to trigger another process from a process in orchestrator?



Yes you can using start job activity