How to schedule 3 robots in Orchestrator?

I have 3 Robots namely ROBOT A, ROBOT B and ROBOT C. I would like to schedule as follows
Execute Robot A — After 4 hours — Execute Robot B — After 2 hours — Execute Robot C.
Is it possible to do this??
Kindly share your ideas to solve this.

Yes. Possible.
You can schedule a robot based on other robots.
For more details -

Karthik Byggari

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Hi ,

Let me correct my question. I would like to run three process. Process A Process B and Process C

Process A — After 2 Hours ---- Run Process B ---- After 3 Hours — Run Process C.

Is it Possible to do in Community edition?

It works only if the provisioned robots are in development mode.
Other than development, you need license for the same.

Karthik Byggari

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ok Karthik. Thanks for the immediate response

Hello KarthikByggari please how do I schedule a robot in an orchestrator?(
Any link or video will be of great help.