Can Orchestrator be event based?

Hi All. I’m trying to understand how orchestrator and robot PCs work together to run processes. Let’s say we want to run a process when an email arrives. Can orchestrator detect that and run a process on a free PC with an unattended license? Or can orchestrator just start a robot once per day, which would then poll for emails throughout the day? I guess I’m not seeing the value of orchestrator, if all it does is start a robot. Thanks!


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Schedule the process to run every 5 mins. using orchestrator and check condition first whether any new mail came or not. If new mail came then process it else no.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Lakshman. But how would that be different from just having a bot running on a PC all day, checking every five minutes?

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Hi Buddy @cockcron
Yes ofcourse we can make that possible to run a bot in PC
using Task Scheduler

Cheers @cockcron

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Orchestrator itself can’t monitor for new mail coming in. It does require a robot to do it. The advantage of having one robot check periodically, is that it saves you the cost of the license. If the robot takes 1 second to check, sees nothing and ends, then it is free to work on other processes. If you have it monitor constantly, then you can’t utilize that robot during it’s downtime.

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Thanks Dave. That makes sense.