How to schedule orchestrator if file available then start the bot

I’m using an email trigger then I need to start the process if email attachments available then start the bot. anyone have any idea

we can check for attachments with a condition like in IF condition like this within For each loop with list of mailmessage passed as input

If true it will go to THEN part where we can use START JOB activity that will trigger the process in orchestrator
But ensure that email trigger is scheduled

Cheers @DinukaThilakarathne

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Hi @DinukaThilakarathne,
If you have a dedicated bot for checking the email messages, you can implement the solution as said by @Palaniyappan.
If no bots are available for checking the mail 24x7, then better to use some windows services or task scheduler.

Hi @shankm
we don’t have a bot for checking email 24x7, I think your 2nd solution will be correct for my solution.
Thank you.

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