Schedule sequence of processes



We would like to schedule a sequence of processes

  • Start process A on Robot X OR Y OR Z
  • When finished start process B on Robot X AND Y AND Z
  • When finished start process C on Robot X OR Y OR Z

E.g. we would like to finish an ADD_Queue_Process on one robot before we start Process_Queue on all avaiable robots
We do not know how long add queue will take.
We don’t like to start process queue before add queue process is finished.


We’ll implement. Of course till then you have an workaround.

  • Schedule Process A at 12:00
  • Schedule Process B at 12:01

Process B will be queued.


Thanks Badita,

workaround does not work if Process B should run on more robots than Process A but it is important that A is finished before B should start.


Is this still going to be implemented? It’s pretty simple in Blue Prism to have process A run on one bot (Bot A) then have process B start running on other bots (Bot B, Bot C).