Schedule on Multiple bots for Robot utilization

I want to create process schedule via orchestrator API’s.
How to utilise available bots for processing?
Like if Bot 1 has completed schedule 1 and Bot 2 is running schedule 2 ,next schedule should be picked up by Bot 1 again(So that no Bot is sitting idle)
Any idea how can we achieve this?

Is there any specific reason you want to schedule via orchestrator API’s?
There is a option in Orchestrator itself when you schedule a process you can set the execution target to Allocate dynamically.

Or are you trying to trigger the process manually via API’s ?

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Hi @vaseema.mushtaq.syed

Please check if this documentation helps. It’s what Rahul mentioned above (allocate dynamically) but via API: About OData and References


When u say “The schedule starts on all available Robots” in the document , if scenario is process 1 is on bot 1, process 2 is on bot 2, process 3 schedule time has started and after sometime bot 2 gets available so bot 2 picks process 3?That is it will dynamically take up available bots as per the schedules created.
Is my understanding correct?

Can you explain StartProcessCron,StartProcessCronDetails,InputArguments from ‘About OData and References’.
Where we get value of ReleaseKey,EnvironmentId,ExternalJobKey for the Request?