Schedule two or more processes on one bot license




I am currently working on the development of several processes that should all be executed at different times with as few bot licenses as possible. I assume it is possible to schedule one bot for let’s say 8am, 12pm, 5pm every day, run it for 30 min and let it perform other processes in the meantime. I got now the information that to change from the execution of one process to the execution of another process, it has to be manually changed in the orchestrator every time. Is this true? Because that would substantially decrease the benefits of the automation.

Thank you guys in advance!



I’m having a hard time understanding your question fully.

If a process is running then that Robot will say Busy and any process that tries to run on that Robot will say “Pending” until it is finished, then begin running. So, you can schedule and manually run multiple processes if that’s what you are hoping to try and do. And, if you have more than 1 Robot to run processes, you can use the “NumberOfRobots” option which will choose the topmost available robot to run within the environment of the process, or choose a specific Robot to run it on which will free up a Robot to run at the same time.



Hey Clayton,

Sorry for making myself not clear and thanks for your answer.

Let me phrase it a bit differently. I have 10 bots for 8 processes, none of the processes need to be run 24 hours, but they need to run several times per day in order to handle all workitems in the SLA time. Now I got the information that in order to run 2 processes at the same bot during one day, somebody has to go in and start the next process manually.

From everything what I read online I understand that the schedule of a bot can be automatically programmed to change from one process to the other (according to time, priorities, milestones). However, I am very new to RPA and UIPath, so maybe I have a wrong understanding of the scheduling.




You could create multiple schedules for same robot.

  1. Process A -> Robot1 -> Start at 12 AM
  2. Process B -> Robot1 -> Start at 3 PM
  3. Process C -> Robot1 -> Start at 5 PM