Is there a way to Dynamically Schedule a bot?

Hey everyone,
I am uipath enthusiast and i am currently working on a project which involves 3 process (ex: a,b,and c) which has to be scheduled using 1 orchestrator.
process a has to basically run every 3 hours
process b has to run once every tuesday’s
and process c which has to run for 6 hours from 15th till end of the month.
I currently have a scheduling plan for these processes but i would like to make it more dynamic. I would like to trigger the process a as soon as its finished with the first cycle.
Is it possible to make a bot trigger from orchestrator once its finished with its first cycle run.

In orchestrator we have option schedule the bot

Can you Elaborate what your are expecting

You can create a new flow to write the conditions to schedule the three main processes and run that scheduler flow alone

I think in this case the best solution is to use queues.
Process A add the results to Queue A
Process B gets from Queue A and adds to Queue B
Process C gets from Queue B and adds to Queue C or does no add to any queue (depends).

They won’t be triggered one after the other but you can set up a schedule that checks for items in queues at given times.

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Hey, sorry i am really new to orchestrator and i would like to more details about this approach.
pls provide any material that could potentially help.