Orchestrator call using API

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For the API call made to Orchestrator how can we do the following?

We will have multiple robots set up in the system.Is it possible to allocate the Robots dynamically in the API call? ( I believe we need to pass the Robot ID)

Secondly, do we need to set up Queues in the system for the incoming request via API call?

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Do you want to start a job and allocate 1 robot (any available) or all available?
Do you want to create a queue using api or create new transactions in an existent queue?

Hi @bcorrea

We have multiple Robots deployed in the Orchestrator (lets day 3) and multiple API calls for different processes (lets say 15).

Can we allocate the robot dynamically in the API call so that when the process runs it runs through the Robot which is available?

I believe we need to pass the Robot ID in the function call.

Also, for Queues I want to create one for the API, can I also manage without creating one?

Can the request directly go to the Robot and it will run based on its availability?


Hi @voranir,
You can find the available free bots through API, so if all the bots are configured to run any process, then when you start a job through API, the process can be started on any of the available bot.
If you want to run on specific robots, then create separate environment for each process and choose required bot for the corresponding process. Then in the API call to get the available free bots, filter the bots based on the process. So that will return only the bots which are available in the environment, which the process is deployed.

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Robot id is optional, you can pass NoOfRobots:1 and it will run on first available robot…
You do not need to create any queue to be able to execute api to start the jobs.

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Thank you Guys… this helps a lot!!


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