API Process Schedule to specific robot


I am working on process scheduling using orchestrator API. I am using Http request activity in UiPath (I cannot use Orchestrator HTTP request activity, beacuase we have studio and orchestrator version 2017.1).

I am able to schedule the process, but not able to assign it to specific robot with StrartStrategy 0. Can you help me?


I found one solution. I am still not able to do it using parameters, but my solution works using body.

Here is my solution:

“{‘Name’: '” + in_ProcessName +“‘,‘ReleaseId’: " + in_ReleaseId + “,‘StartProcessCron’: '” + in_CronStr + "’,‘StartProcessCronDetails’: '{”“type”“:5,”“minutely”“:{},”“hourly”“:{},”“daily”“:{},”“weekly”“:{”“weekdays”“:},”“monthly”“:{”“weekdays”“:},”“advancedCronExpression”“:”“” + in_CronStr+ “”"}',‘StartStrategy’: 0,‘ExecutorRobots’: [{‘Id’: " + in_RobotId + “}],‘TimeZoneId’: ‘GMT Standard Time’}”

If you know how to do it using parameters, I would be glad to see how to do it :slight_smile:

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How do you get the Release key, Name,Robot ID. What is startProcessCron expression in detail?


Which is Release key above?