Scheduling many jobs in Orchestrator

I’m still new to UiPath. Lets say I have a dozen jobs to run on a single un-attended robot. All jobs are different so I can’t use the Queuing/Transaction feature. The execution time can vary depending on the amount of data. Let’s say for discussion sake they each take between 15 & 30 minutes. Can I schedule them optimistically 15 minutes apart. Or do I need to schedule based on the worst case scenario of 30+ minutes apart? If I schedule worst case, then on a normal day the robot will be wasting half of it’s time? Making this robot quite lazy.

What I’m expecting, or looking for is behavior like an old AS/400 job queue that processes jobs one by one until they are done FIFO starting the next as soon as the previous job completes. Can I do this?


Schedule after 1 minute late.
Suppose there are 3 job and scheduled Job A at 1300hrs then B at 1301hrs and C at 1302hrs. No matter how much time Job A takes Job B & C will start after completion of Job A


Thanks! I just tested this and it did seem to work. I had tried another time and it did not seem to work. It was likely an unrelated issue.

Thanks again! I would hate to have a lazy robot working for me! :wink:

When I tested two jobs yesterday it worked, but l scheduled three jobs to run this morning as suggested. Job 1 @5:00, Job 2 @5:01, Job 3 @5:02

Job 1 Started at 5:00 and completed at 5:15. Good
Job 2 Started at 5:15 and completed at 5:27. Good
Job 3 Tried to start at 5:12 for some reason and immediately failed Nothing in the job logs. Clearly it died as the robot was busy. Any idea why this did not work?






Use Queue based trigger.

Suppose A bot completed the process. It will send the notification. (“Hi I have completed my task”) As this notification get by Bot B it will trigger to do the job.
Bot B will send the notification to Bot C as Bot C received the notification it will start for the process execution.

Bot A->Notification ->Bot B
Bot B->Notification->Bot C

Bot B and Bot C will regular check the queue for its notifications.