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Hello, I am interested are there any restriction which differentiate attended and unattended in the sense of running time?

lets consider, I have attended license and process which does not need human interaction. I can schedule process using windows task scheduler and keep windows sessions active after I disconnect from rdp by converting session to other mode.
So, I have unattended automation on attended robot.

Are there any restriction, which prevents me doing this scenario?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Giorgi_Tchkoidze,
First of all Community version of Robot service relies on user thread so I’m afraid it won’t work for you. Second thing is we are not supporting task scheduler since a long time. Third thing… you can just work with Community Cloud Orchestrator to schedule the job.

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Thank you for response.

Since user session is not disconnected, robot services continue running in my case.

Since, it is still possible to start robot uning UiRobot CLI tool, we can schedule this process by scheduling .Bat file.

Yes, I can use community version, unattended robot to automate this kind of task; but in case when only attended robot is available, I can do scenario described above, right?
Of course this is not recommended but still possible.
UiPath does not prohibit, am I right?

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You can do anything what is not prohibited by Terms of Use for Community version. Every information is here:

Regarding if it’s possible - I think it should be but you need to have robot service changed from user mode to system. You can install robot from MSI package for example.

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