Can we schedule process locally without Human Intervention and Orchestrator?

Hello, I am a new to UIpath and have a basic question.

Is there a way where in we can schedule the process locally without connecting to orchestrator and the process can run without any human intervention.

Currently I am using community edition 2019.11-beta.
I didnt find any way where in I can achieve scheduling as mentioned above.

Is that we can do it with licensed robot or the enterprise version.

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To schedule a process and run it with unattended mode we can do that only with orchestrator Buddy
I would suggest the same as orchestrator has got more feature which is highly reliable and stable for unattended robots

Cheers @RajaniG

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Thanks Palani

But In Orchestrator we have to provide our system credentials to run robot and it works in cloud.Correct me if my statement is wrong.
This is not agreed as per our company and they want to run it locally without connecting to cloud.
Thus wanted to know if it is feasible.

Considering there is no way to run it in an unattended manner without using orchestartor as mentioned by you.

If we use attended robot and run locally can we set a schedule for it without connecting to orchestrator?

Yah locally we can run it unattended but to schedule we need to medium to do that right
And orchestrator is what that can be used for that

But may I know why so
If possible we can get the license for the enterprise one

We won’t be able to schedule a attended bot as it is a attended one that requires a human intervention
And if a human sits in front of a machine we wont need to schedule the process to get executed

Cheers @RajaniG

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Thanks for giving a clear understanding.
Answering to your above question why prefer run locally. They have security concerns. As all project files with credentials and also machine credentials are to stored in cloud.


We got other options to store those credentials like it can be saved in a config file or an excel file and that can be saved in your own local machine
While along the process we can use that config file and get the credentials


Even in orchestrator we got an option called asset from where we would be able to get the credentials or

We can make use window credentials option where we can store the credentials in our local machine itself and call the credentials with Get Secure Credential activity from windows credential

Cheers @RajaniG

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