Schedule a task at certain time of day?


I just completed my first automated process in Orchestrator (automated screenshot of Google Maps traffic is emailed to my gmail). How do I schedule a time for this process to run automatically? Would like it to kick of automatically at 7:30am eastern.

(I am using Community Edition)

Thank you!

Will Graham

You can go to the Schedules tab in Orchestrator and create a new schedule. Select your process and tell it to run daily at 7 hours and 30 minutes.


This should provide all you need:


Thanks Daniel! Maybe I misspoke - I am in UiPath Studio (is that different than Orchestrator?)

I have searched everywhere and cannot find the “Schedule” tab in Studio…

Thanks for your help

UiPath Studio is used to create the process while UiPath Orchestrator is used to schedule it (among other things). For community edition you can go to and set up your free instance there.


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