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I need to schedule my workflow on a daily basis to scrap data from online. Can someone help me on how I should schedule using Orchestrator.

Thank you very much.

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Yah schedule tab in orchestrator we can choose as daily option and the process we want to schedule so that it will get scheduled and run daily at a fixed time

For more details

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Go to Schedules page in Orchestrator and there you will find different schedules based on Mintutes, hours, Daily, weekly, Monthly etc…

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Is scheduling limited to only enterprise version? I followed every steps as shown above. Im currently using community version.

No we can schedule in community edition as well
May I know what issue you were facing
In orchestrator we can find that option inTRIGGERS TAB under Automation
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Hi Palaniyappan. I have managed to schedule my workflow to run on a daily basis. Thank you very much. :blush:

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Cheers @vini93

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