PDF generation process

PDF generation process takes as shown below.

  1. Use will submit the google form
  2. Information will be fetched by Google response sheet
  3. We will create a file request first and save it, then we will trigger the PDF generation process which will take time(Do not have exact time frame may be till 5-6 hours)
    4.So if we receive 10 request at once and try to run one by one on one machine it will take huge time to complete all 10 requests.
  4. But once we create all 10 File requests at once then other users can pick each job and trigger the PDf generation process.
    Note : PDF generation process can be done for each file request, we can not run multiple pdf generations on one account.

So please let me know how we can automate the BOT to fetch each file request from Google response sheet so we can start triggering the jobs on multiple accounts ?

To my understanding of the process (forgive me if I interpret this wrong) best is to have a dispatcher bot thal creates queue items (process file request and put it into the queue) and them some performer bots taking queue items one by one and processing these.

If you have 1 bot avaiable you can preprocess all file requests, store them in a file, check against a condition that indicates that there are no more files to process and dispatch them.

You can allocate account details (user password etc…) via “Asset Names” from Orchestrator.

You stated that other users should pick up jobs. There is an option to enhance Orchestrator to provide that.
UiPath Academy Advanced Training - Orchestration Process - Lesson 5:
Using the Tasks Long-running Activities

Thank you so much for your reply @TastyToast.

You are exactly right and what I though, but in this case we need two robots to create all files request and to trigger the PDF generation process respectively.

Any idea how we can do this on only bot ?