Scan a bank statement and add transactions to excel worksheet


Wondering if there is a way that i can Scan in a bank statement and add the transactions to an Excel spreadsheet?


Hi , Cannot get your requirement
Scan in means ? You want to scan with scanner , and you are looking to read data from that scanned document ?

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Hi @shawnmurray,

You can use Abby OCR to extract document content.

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Yes i want to scan in with scanner.
Read specific part of page.
Put parts in different excel columns.

Is there any Demos of ABBY OCR for this? @san.nagane


Hi, you can use Screenscrapping , once you did the screenscrapping with OCR ( can be microsoft or tesseract ) , then use generate datatable activity to convert the scraped transactions / table structure data into the Datatable , later you can write it to excel file using excel application scope and write range

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If your bank statement is a hard copy then you can scan and do OCR to get desired results. But you download PDF copy from net banking or so then just do PDF read activity to read data.
Now while doing OCR you would see data in a text format then you need to write a logic to separate your fields accordingly.

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@vinay_reddy @aman.kumar.monga.09

Thanks for the responses.

I will be scanning in a hard copy.
Is there any dedicated scanning plug-ins for UiPath or will i have to scan using a separate application and then use the OCR?


I am not sure how much reliable are these but you can try Asprise Scan.
Asprise Scanning and Imaging SDK offers a high performance API library for TWAIN WIA scanners so that you can acquire images from and have total control on almost all kinds of scanners and webcams on Windows 32bit and x64.

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I am going to do the scanning myself, so i will just need to read the PDF and place into an Excel.

Whats the best way to achieve this?