HELP! Data extraction from PDF to Excel

Hi guys,
I have financial statements and transactions (items and amounts listed line by line) in PDF format
Mostly, it is a scanned PDF (like an image),
sometimes, PDF that scanned through some cool scanner with OCR, so I can copy the text,
extremely rare it is a native PDF file.
Question is, how can I take the data from PDF and put into excel?

The only method I know is to scrape every item and amount line by line, put it to DT and then output to excel.
But in the case when I have 100 p PDF file and 20 lines on each pages, that does not look like process automation ))).

So do you know more elegant way to solve the problem?

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try this

Hi, thanks for the reply

However it does not maintain structure of the table
The information I need is structured as a table, when I use simple read PDF with OCR, it puts all of the information in the first cell.
Do we have any other way to do that?

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