How to extract text from scanned pdf

Hi friends,

I need advise on how to get the date, description and amount from the scanned pdf in the excel file. Thank you.

Hi @jojo123

You can try with ocr for data extraction or use document understanding feature in Uipath

Thank you. I’m confusing with how to get all lines info in the bank statement (date, description and amount) write into the excel file . Anyway?

@jojo123 - How many page is your PDF? If possible , could you please convert it to text using Read PDF to Text activity and modify confidential data with dummy one and share the text file here?

I believe, we can read the text using Regex and write to excel.

Hi @jojo123

If your bank statement is in a table format, Then you can convert the pdf file to word and then grab the table easily by index of every table page by page and can copy it into the excel file !!

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