Unable to view Properties Panel

Hello Everyone,
I am unable to view Properties Panel, Project Panel & the output panel in my Ui Path Studio. Please let me know if anyone has any solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shruti_Shree
You sure its not docked in a different location?
Did you try to reset the layout?

I’m having difficulties with some panels as well, especially the output panel. I can only get it back to go into debug mode and drag/drop the panel to a location when the sequence is running. :slight_smile:

Try checking along the edges of the studio window. It might be docked in either side.
Posting a screenshot of your window might help.

Hello @Shruti_Shree

Can you check here where you can see the arrow mark. Select the activity and click the property panel.


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@balupad14 Can you find my output pannel?

Hi @MickeyFireMouse,

Can you please click the activity and see the properties !!


Sorry :slight_smile: But @Shruti_Shree Had the Properties problem. I unintentionally hijacked his topic for my output panel bug (where i do have a solution for).

I think the bug lies somewhere in when you undock a panel (on purpose or unintentional) and restart Uipath, the docked window doesn’t return and stays somewhere in the background unable to retrieve.

Ill test this hypotheses later.

I did some testing, and undocking items does mess up after restarting Uipath. Ecpecialy when using dual screens. Resetting the settings seem to work tho. Reset and restart

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Please check out my post . I have uploaded the screenshot. Let me know if you have any solution

I have applied “Reset Settings” but it is not working as well. Please look into my post, I have uploaded the screenshot. Let me know if you have any solution.

Can you share me the UiStudio.v2.settings file? You can find it in the same path as your UiPath.Studio.exe

I can try looking at it once and maybe we ll get a fix there!

Please help me in finding the UI path properties plane.Unable to view it.

It’s annoying when you cannot show the properties while on a debugging session; it partly ruins the whole purpose of debugging. Can this please be fixed?