Saving extracted data to excel file

Hi everyone

This is my first post, so sorry if I make any mistakes.

I am trying to extract data from a website, and save that data into an excel spreadsheet.
I have been trying to work out how to do this, but to no success.
How would go about doing this?

Any help is appreciated.

For some reason new users can’t attach files, so here is a download link to my zipped project files.

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Post the error or the issue you are getting which is better to understand the issue @hengie :slight_smile: and the link is not working to download the file

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This can be done by using a Data Scraping Activity and Write Range Activty.

  1. Scrape the website data you would like to write to Excel. The Scrape will extract to a Data Table
  2. Use an Excel Application Scope with an Write Range Activity inside to write the above Data Table to an Excel Sheet

Try something like this…

it’s not an error that I’m getting, but a question on how I can achieve this.
I want to be able to save multiple pieces of data from a website into an excel spreadsheet.


Doesn’t seem to be doing it…

What am I doing wrong here?

@hengie Before you removed it i noticed the Variable you are trying to write is a “Generic value”.


In the Data Scrape Sequence youll find an “Extract Structued Data ‘Table’” Activity. Click on it, check on the properties on the right and check the output area for the name of the table.
When still within the “Extract Structued Data ‘Table’” Activity look in the variable panel at the bottom of the application for the Variable found in the output area. Change the Scope to a location where your Excel Application Scope is.

Then use that Variable in the Write Range Input property.

You need to write the data into the excel,so you need to pass the extracted data to the write range activity and the variable should be of type Datatable, so make sure you have a data table to write it in the exce;

I changed its type to a datatable, but when running, nothing happened.

Apologies, didn’t see this one.

I’ve tried doing this, but it doesn’t seem to be working…

sorry for being stupid.

@hengie No need for that =) we all started somewhere. You’ll have that “aaah haa” moment soon.

Can you share a screen shot of your Scrape Activty with the “Extract Structued Data ‘Table’” Activity properties panel shown and a Screen Shot of you Excel Application Scope with the Write Range Properties panel shown?

Also your variable panel?


I’m pretty sure I’m missing some stuff here, but I don’t know what to put.

Thank you so much for the help!

Ya its a bit off. You’re going to want to Scrape the data first then write to excel.

Use the Data Scraping Wizards found at the top of UiPath Studio to scrape the data from the webpage of your choosing. This data will be saved to a Data Table found in the Extract Structured Data ‘Table’ activity of the Data Scrape Sequence.

Then use an Excel Application Scope to write to Excel. Enter the name of the Excel workbook you want to use. Then place a Write Range activity within the Excel Application Scope to write the Data Table define in the Data Scrape above to Excel.

See the attached Main.xaml (7.4 KB)

I see.
I’ve got to go for a bit, so will take a look at this a bit more later.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Ok, so I’ve almost got what I’m trying to achieve now.
I’m able to enter data into the excel spreadsheet, but I need to enter multiple pieces of data, and each time it tries to enter new pieces of data, it overwrites the existing data that is already there.
I need to try and get it to go down a cell each time it enters a new piece of data.

This is what it looks like to enter the data into the spreadsheet.

Oh, and here is an updated link to my files with these new changes.

Hi! I compared my Data Scraping and Excel Application Scope and write Range activity and I don’t know what i’m missing but my excel file is still empty. Can you please take a look?
Main.xaml (15.1 KB)

for the output of the data scraping, I also tried ExtractDataTable which has the scope of the whole process and it doesn’t make any difference. My excel file is still empty.

When I logged the ExtractTableData variable, it is empty. No wonder why my excel file is empty.
I came across another post that mentioned Data Scraping wizard doesn’t work with SSMS. It failed to copy data from the result pane in SSMS.