How to scrape single element with extracted datatable and write into excel

I am able to scrape few tables and write into excel sheet.
I have facing an issue whereby i need to add a single data that is correlated to those tables.
I have tried using GET TEXT but i do not know how to write into excel
I have tried using screen scraping but extractdatameta is empty may i know how to write XML string code to get a single text from web site?

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Use “write cell” activity and pass the string value that you got using get text activity

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So the issue is that the single data is correlated with the other 6-7 extracted datatable… And all the datatable ouput are the same because they are correlated table.
My problem is that I cannot write the single text to an output variable

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Please upload your workflow and share site link and screenshot !!

Site that I’m extracting data from is confidential site.
Can you help me to try or any site will do.
Main concern is to make *screen scrapping single element text * and extract datatable and write into excel .
Plsss I need help ASAP


just save data (Get Text) in variable and use write cell activity with that variable.

Try to use a correct selector and take the required attribute of that selector

As you mentioned You don’t want to use get text activity and write cell ,
can upload Excel sheet that you want to be written by bot and workflow .
Take another website and show the similar scenario.

Ok I will upload ASAP… Fyi that single element data is an input by user


sorry for delay , can you upload one sample ,how your output should be?

Hi it’s ok.
For e.g.
first name Neymar input into site and scrape then output to excel sheet 2 write range “B1”
So I want the name(which is from sheet1) on sheet 2 column A after scraping out.

uipathforum.xlsx (10.9 KB)

Anyone knows how to solve this? Excel related issue

You use .trim in the end of string , it will remove spacing.
For example strName.string
I have seen your previous query , I will reply it soon.

The data is a mockup with hard code… In actual will be extracted from the website. After a datatable, the next following datatable will be in new row new column.