Saving Draft Email Into Someone Elses Draft Box

Hello all, my program creates invoices to be sent to specific customers. These are saved as drafts inside of my mailbox. However, I need to share these drafts with a coworker who works in that department who must review them and finalize them. The customer email address should still be there when she reviews it. I wanted to save these drafts inside of their mailbox, not mine. However, would there be a way to do this without requesting their password and login information? We change them often and this would cause issues. For example, if the customer is, when it is saved as a draft it should include that as the To: area inside of my coworkers drafts. Thank you so much.

Hy @kodm,

In your case I would recomend you split your automation in two separate parts:

1 - Send the email “drafs” to your co-worker (run by you)
2 - Send the emails for the customer (run by your co-worker), once the data ir revised by him / her.

Do you see this as an alternative?


Hey @William_Blech_Sister thank you for your help! The first suggestion is great, I tried sending the email “drafts” to my customer but when I send it, it loses the customer email address “” and puts mine instead. It also doesn’t include the PDF. Any ideas on why this might be? I would also send it once its revised by them but its very time sensitive so its harder to do that correctly, if possible we want them just to look it over and send it as soon as possible.

@William_Blech_Sister I put the email inside of a for each loop where it looks at every email in the draft messages and sends it. However, it loses the email address and just shows mine instead along with no pdf.

Hy @kodm,

You must pass the other parameters (customer email addresses) in like, a text file also attached to the email you send to your co-worker.
When your co-worker will continue the process he / she will not forward it, it looks like you are very close :slight_smile:


Hey @William_Blech_Sister, thank you for the response! So the only option would be to export my list of customer emails into a text file and send it as an attachment for them to read? Is there no way to include it in the To subject? I suppose you could also add it in the body. What do you think?



Hy @kodm,

You could send the client info somewhere in the email, an excel attachment, for example, I believe it will be easier to extract. Each client must have it’s own info.

You are in the right track :slight_smile:
Keep goong

Hi @William_Blech_Sister thank you, ill go ahead and try that! :smile: If you find there is a way to save the drafts inside the account, could you please let me know, thanks again!

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Hy @kodm,

Glad to know I could help, please let me know if it worked.