Draft an email in Outlook with attachment and save - Do not Send

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I have a requirement to automate a process to generate few files from a billing system, verify the balances on the Invoice and send them to respective clients.
I have automated the generation and verification processes but stuck on sending the invoices back to the client, the management wants a manual check before sending them. So what I have to do now is to create a mail with fixed set of recipients and fixed body, fixed subject and an attachment pdf file. Once the email is drafted the automation is finished. Then the managers will take over, the verification and if everything is right they will send the email (hit the send button).

My question is how do I draft an email with attachments in outlook using Uipath and save it in Draft folder in Outlook?
Please point me to any available thread if there is any as I already searched for it and could not find any relevant one. Thanks in advance.

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@shashibhushan86, Refer this,

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Thanks it was so simple. :smiley: