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Hi, I am trying to save a draft mail message in outlook, everytime i use send mail message (isDraft) enabled, it goes to my drafts and from there I want to save that draft as a .msg file. UiPath tells me my mail variable is not referenced, so its not picking it up because the mail message has not been sent?

End goal: To have draft mail messages for other business users to access via folders and to send emails quicker being prepared by the Bot.

Please do not link me to @CYoung as we are both trying to find an answer for this, and still have not. Any help will be appreciated!

Have you tried this activity?

Yes of course but uipath does not allow me to save a draft mail message?

Any suggestions?

Oh ok, are you doing this as well?

Just attempted this, so it saves the draft mail successfully but it doesnt allow a business user to just send it off straight away, theres no send icon? cant forward because it needs to be a brand new mail message…

Can’t the user just press “Reply All” and then just delete the junk? Or could this be an issue?

It will be an issue because they will need to delete all the junk text… - trying to make this automation very automated with 0 human intervention.

Any other ways you can think of? :slight_smile:

What if you create another “robot/process” that is dedicated to send emails using another robot? Since outlook is the issue or maybe using VBA you can accomplish it in outlook. Or these emails are going to be used right away then you can use a message box and then have the user check it and if they agree that it’s good then just press “Yes” to send.

I like the idea! But unfortunately only have one Bot.

We have found a solution with the business that involves human intervention… not ideal but for now this problem is no longer a blocker. Thanks for help!

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