Saving a PDF from a Pop-Up Window from IE

Goal: Trying to save a PDF from a website

Problem: The PDF appears in a new and separate window when I click on the attachment Icon. I have recorded the action of clicking the save button. However every time I run the program and can’t find the element.

What I’ve Tried

  1. I’ve recorded my actions and then re ran the program
  2. I have removed items from the selector that appeared unique to the file I’m pulling (however I haven’t changed the file, but plan on doing so in the future)
  3. I have change the code to just search for the image of the save button

What I think is the problem: Whenever I do anything with this program it appears to want to do it within the original instance of the browser I launched. Is there a way to tell the program to switch to a different window?

Screen Print of the Relevant Section:

Attached is my program:ConcurV2.xaml (29.0 KB)

UiPath 2017.1.655
Running from Studio Community Edition
Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit
UiPath.Core, Excel, and Mail Packages installed

If you use Google Chrome you can see PDF in the same window as a separate frame. If your application permits… please use Google chrome.