UIPath Send Hotkey Save As


In attached window (excel), I’m using send hotkey activity (F12, Save as) and below that using type into for inserting my network path with filename (scr shot).

Firstly filename box has id specific filename, which is then replaced with network path and filename (correct, but don’t understand file this id specific file name appears in the filename box).

Problem is that after clicking save, I get confirmation dialog, which clearly is based on that id filename and not my network path + filename. Confirmation dialog want’s to know do I want to replace it well I click ok to save my network path + filename, but it doesn’t save anything.

So seems that my network path with filename is bypassed and due to this I cannot save desired file and cannot proceed.

Strange is that process is working locally, but when running process from production server I get this id specific filename problem. Any solutions would be appreciated.

@jouni.riimala - can you please check is the prod robot - settings -> logintoconsole enabled or disabled?


Tried to search for logintoconsole setting, but couldn’t find it yet…


@jouni.riimala - Orchestrator-> Robots -> select the respective Robot -> Edit -> Settings -> Login To Console


We don’t have orchestrator in use.