Help : Where can i find the value of the password after recording?

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I used the recording method to create a robot that sign in to a website. But when i wanted to look for it and change it from UiPath Studio manually ( In case the use name or the password has changed ) i couldn’t find its value !! Can anyone help me with this urgent situation ?



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Are you used Type Into and Type Secure Text Activities right for Username and password ?

Type Into for username and Type Secure Text for password


I hope you used Web recording then it will generate output as sequence and it will be enclosed in one container. Go to that flow and there you can change username and password. Please check below screenshot for your reference.

I tried that but it didn’t work. When i execute the project the username and the password filled are both " admin " , but in the project files this is what i find : 1 ![2|332x146]

I can’t find where the " admin " credentials are saved to change them .


use Get Password activity and provide your passowrd and store result in secure string variable. And then pass this to Type Secure Text activity.

That s the problem here , i can’t find it :frowning:


Are you used Manual or Automatic recording ?

If you used automatic recording then at the time of entering password one pop up will come and check password option.

Actually my friend i am trying to learn UIPath by discovering an existing project, so i don’t know if it is Manual or Automatic recording :\ Can i contact you via mail plz ?

If I understand you correct, you have an existing workflow containing a recording. When you run it, it is typing in the Username and Password. Now you are trying to figure out what is value of this password, as it might appear as * or dots while running the workflow?

The Password seems to be stored in variable “password”. So it might have already been assigned at some place before in the workflow. Please check if there is any value assigned to variable password.